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R6 hoosiers for sale


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Two 295/30-18 and 2 315/30-8. These are in excellent condition. I have 4 total track days on them. Some of the sessions they were not driven very hard and probably didn't even get up to temp. These were on my corvette that is very well setup and tire wear is minimal and even. $500 and located in san francisco. please email me directly at:

[email protected]



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All tires were used as a set. 4 track days total. 15 sessions however I'd say only about 8-10 of those were fast enough to bring the tires to correct temperature.



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Ahh I see, thanks anyway then :/ I can see the wear markers aren't that deep on the side, and these tires don't exactly go by the wear markers rather the heat cycles, I find that 17-18 are most, 15 sessions means 15 heat cycles, you say only 8-10 though :/

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These tires are certainly not brand new. The grip level is just a tick slower. They are way better than half life and I'm selling them for well under 50% of original cost.



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