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SE Region Updated Points


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Driver Total

Chuck Jagoe 835

Cliff Brown 590

Stanley Brock 508

Nathanial Sparks 340

Jim Black 289

Bill Stewart 285

James Ballard 278

John Palazzolo 275

James Partin 232

Dennis Bize 214

Curtis Teague 214

Sam Barnett 185

Robert Spence 180

Stephen Baker 180

Robbie Kollar 175

Mat Pombo 158

Alex Gaines 154

Alan Cross 150

Kevin Pyles 150

Mike Rossini 143

Peter Sakovich 142

Tony Senese 139

Russell Gee 137

George Tuma 135

Dennis Bize 2 132

Chris Nussbaum 130

John Teague 85

John Peterson 0

Derek Whitis 0




Full File is here: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=r6Mf_BOJgjuPJEsyyZqSwnQ (choose the SM worksheet on the bottom of the page)


If you are a driver, please check for accuracy!



Come on out and join the fun!



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