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Buttonwillow endurance and the PRO TRUCKS

richard migliori

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To the PRO TRUCK TEAM: I want to take this opportunity to thank you guys for a hard rcing season this far! You guys definately ROCK! You have made us go back to the shop and work harder and harder to keep up with you both! I truly believe that the three of us put on the best race within the endurance series. WE have made alot of changes to try on you this week! Sorry, we didn' get more HP as you guys out HP us by about 250! This week after two great finishes in the Pirrelli Cup against the GT2 Porsches, we are confident that we can step up and give a run that you won't froget and great racing to BOOT! Watch out, I spend 83.00 this week for a new throttle cable and we picked up 2 seconds! Looking foreward to a great time and race with you! P.S.--watchout we have real rce tires this week!


See you at the races!




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Everyone is happy when enduro races come right down to the wire to decide the winner.

The winners are just MORE happy.

We will have both trucks out again this weekend and expect a great race with you guys and the BMW's.


Now a word about HP:

The pro trucks are a spec series and we run sealed ZZ4 350 cid 355hp crate motor. This translates into about 305 hp at the wheels. (the best we have seen is 312hp, on a 3 year old loose motor)

We also run a spec 3.50 gear.

So I don't think we have you beat on HP!!


See you at the track!

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We are going to be there Friday. If time permits, You still have that open invite to cut a few laps with us. It would mean a great deal to us for your expertise and experience!


Can't wait!

See you at the races.



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