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Set of 4 285/30/18 Kumho v710's


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They actually GAINED rubber at the last race I did with them in Lincoln


Used for Auto-X only and have around 72 runs on them (1 driver car). I would guess around 1.5-2mm tread left on them with more tread near the outside edges (I run ~3.5 degrees camber).


Still plenty fast and usable, I just went to hoosiers to hopefully get some tires with contingency.


can get and post pics if requested. 2 tires have a LOT of OPR on them (other peoples rubber) that were run in the rear of the car at the last event. the other two are pretty smooth. The rubber will come off with either some street driving or in 1 lap/run.


$380 shipped.









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IMO, and don't take this the wrong way, those tires are worth maybe $20 each. Not worth shipping them.


With 72 runs (what's that 20 heat cycles?) they are about done... there's not a lot of tread left, plus there's camber wear, plus there's rubbing wear -- you see what I'm getting at?

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