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Live in NW want to race HC.... Please help!


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1st off I am new to the forum so Hi everyone.


I live in Portland Or, and am looking into building a car for next season. I would prefer to run a H2 car next season but, I am having trouble finding any info on H2 class around the NW. I found the ICSCC NW honda challenge however, it seems as if they only have a H4 class. There are videos of H1 class on the NW challege at my local tracks but nothing in writing on any of the websites I have been to.

Do they even run a H2 class around the NW? The West Coast challenge is only in NoCal SoCal and Arizona. That is too much travel and expense for me. I work 8-5 M-F and have a family. I would really rather NOT have to put a DX single slam motor back in my hatch (H4) and race a car that is slower and less capable then my street car I have now. Now I run a B18C in my hatch wich is perfect for converting to H2. Also H1 looks to be a little too much money to get started and be competitive for my 1st year.

Any help on how/where I can enter a HC H2 car on ICSCC/NW HC or any other sanctioning body in the NW that runs at tracks in Oregon and Washington states.






EDIT: I do have all the rules and regulations and understand them. I just cant seem to find any way to enter a H2 car.

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If there are enough people with H2 cars around the NW we can have ICSCC make a class for us:) just need to have a car count high enough.

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