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FS: CSP prepared '91 Miata


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Mariner blue '91 Miata. ~155k miles on the chassis, ~110k miles on the full 1.8 liter drivetrain from a '95 R-package car. Never wrecked, ZERO rust, really nice bodied southern car. This car started life as a bone-stock B-package car, but the power steering was deleted (de-powered rack), cruise control deleted, and the power windows were yanked in favor of manual units. A/C is still intact (hey.. it's hot down here, okay?)


Now for the long read...




-'95 1.8 liter

- FM throttle body adapter

- FM coil-pack adapter

- FM EGR block-off plate

- FM throttle-cable adapter


- Monsterflow intake w/K+N

- Header

- Mazdacomp cat-back w/test pipe

- Fidanza aluminum flywheel





-full 1.8 drivetrain

-Torsen rear LSD

-1.8 transmission

-Delrin differential mount bushings

-Mazdacomp engine mounts

-S.S. clutch line

-Re-built and re-valved Bilstein sports shocks (valved for ~700# front, 400# rear spring rates)

-FCM coilovers with 450F 325R Eibach springs

-FCM upper shock mounts

-FCM bump stops

-Racing beat tubular front swaybar

-Advanced Autosports spherical swaybar endlinks

-Mazdacomp swaybar brackets

-949 Racing front lower chassis brace

-949 Racing rear lower chassis brace

-FM front upper shock tower brace

-R-package tie-rod ends

-15x7 et28 Rota Slipstreams w/ Falken Azenis

-Harddog Hardcore Hardtop Double-Diagonal roll bar

-FM form-fit high density rollbar padding w/black Vinyl cover

-De-power'd power steering rack





-1.8 liter rotors/calipers

-949 Racing S.S. brake lines

-Carbotech Panther Plus pads

-'95 1.8 proportioning valve (not installed)





-Mariner blue w/matching hardtop (no headliner or defrost model)

-all emblems shaved

-R-package front and rear lips

-R-package rear wing

-front tow hook

-Hella H4 headlights

-antenna deleted





-full '95 interior (dash + door panels) airbags deleted completely

-2x Momo Start seats on sliders

-2x 5-pt G-force cam-lock harnesses

-Momo Competition steering wheel w/Momo hub

-bolt-on steering wheel quick release

-Sola Luna shift knob

-Redline Goods blue stitched leather shift-boot

-Redline Goods blue stitched leather e-brake boot

-Panasonic cd/mp3 player

-6.5 door speakers



Other new parts (between 1k-4k miles old)


-timing belt

-water pump

-cam seals

-crank seal

-CAS o-ring

-valve cover gasket

-rear main seal

-accessory belts


-clutch + pressure plate, T.O. bearing, release bearing

-O2 sensor

-rubber shift boots

-rear caliper

-steering rack boots

-heater core hoses


ALL the suspension components are new (~1k miles on them) as are the brake lines, rotors, 1.8 swap parts, motor mounts, diff mounts, etc.


Paint is less than a year old. Not a show-car job; a couple small flaws, but still looks great and gets lots of compliments. The car has spent most of the last 2 years garaged.


All the car is lacking is a competitive alignment, and it is completely done. Get in, drive it anywhere. It's damn loud, but surprisingly comfortable.


Receipts from everything. Clean and clear title.



Only issues;


-there's some chipping paint on the driver's fender near the wheel lip

-rear main weeps a bit when the car is sitting for a while

-a/c needs a re-charge (Still works though. Barely.)









(pre-quick release)







Located in Charlotte, NC




[email protected]

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