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wanted AI Car


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Give me a call. I have a professionally built sn95 that I am selling.

Built by- Http://www.Atomicmc.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;


-Griggs SLA GR40 complete system

-Griggs Brakes F&R

-Steeda wheels

-Toyo Tires

-335 whp Aluminum 4v Mod motor (brand new)

-10 point cage

-Etc. etc...



619-666-9408 (Richard)

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For less than that, how about a CMC car:




I'll trade you my Fox AI car for your purple CMC car.

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i might be selling mine.


95 S351 (Clone)

New R302 block and Twisted Wedge heads

12:1 compression (108 octane)

Barts Works front SLA

Maximum Motorports rear

TKO 500 trans. w/tilton triple disc clutch

Roll cage

gutted interior

5point harness

accusump in rear

long tubes, w/no cats and no mufflers out the sides


I need to get it on the dyno, probably has too much HP for AI, needs to be detuned.


Only a DE car.


PM me and maybe I can find my paperwork on the car.

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