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You Jersey boys make sure you show Arvydas a good time. Show him how the east coast honda challenge guys do it.



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I think Matt Lang is from New Jersey. I think there are a few more. Hopefuly they are interested in making new friends. You'll have a good time here in US regardless.

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July 17, 18 & 19 NASA Northeast will be running at Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, PA. This is in eastern PA about 20 min from the NJ border. It shouldn't take long to get there and it's pretty easy to find, it's just off Rt. 80 in PA. If you need directions I'm sure anyone will be glad to help. We will have approx. 8-10 honda's running this weekend so it should be pretty fun. I will be there all three days running my '92 B18C1 powered Civic, feel free to stop by and say Hi. We may even be able to get you out on track for a ride in an instructors car. Pocono certainly isn't one of America's best tracks but it'll be fun all the same.


Erik Olson

#10 Red Honda Civic Hatch

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you kinda look like the 2008 NASA Honda Challenge H1 Champ-Graham Downey.


Graham (he's the guy in the white shirt in the middle):







I'm sure he'll want to be your friend too.

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