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Results from Saturday at PIR are in - new track record!


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Well--- Here is the short update.


It was a great race Glenn G got pole by .002 over me.


Yep 1:14.155 vs 1:14.557


Race was just as close Glenn and I ran nose to tail a track record setting pace for 30 min. In the end Glenn got the win.


I bettered the old track record (1:13.8xx) with 1:13.623. Glenn however came in with a 1:13.566 and set the new record.



Also Az newcomer Darren Griffith came in a very solid 3rd place with a smoking lap time in his first race with spec prepped suspension.




1) Glenn G - 1:13.556

2) Joe P - 1:13.623

3) Darren Griffith - 1:14.417

4) Chas W - 1:15.106

5) Jon A - 1:15.029

6) Steve S - 1:16.025

7) Jason B - 1:15.952



The two hour enduro Saw only Chas and my self take the green.


After two long hrs of racing Chas W came away with the 944-spec class win with best lap 1:15.058 completing 87 laps. I came in second with best lap of 1:14.298 with 85 laps. Unfortunatly a miscalcuation on fuel cause me to run dry on the last two laps. I nursed it for one lap saw the white flag, but not the checker


All in all a great day. Sunday will see the final race of the year!

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Good close racing!

It must have been that fresh rebuild after the protest teardown that made Glenn's car a teentsy bit faster?

Hope Sunday is just as exciting for you.


Oh, and you might want to leave the serious endurance racing to us Pros.(tongue in cheek)

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Good close racing!

It must have been that fresh rebuild after the protest teardown that made Glenn's car a teentsy bit faster?


Not really... Glenn is just plain fast simple as that.


Do you know why he is so fast?



Guess what he did after the sprint race....


.... He jumped in his 66 911 and went out for a street car session.


He has spent more time on the track in last 2 years than some racers spend in the entire life time!

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Sunday's race was small since most folks went home. something like 8 cars overall and 2 spec cars. Glenn won again. I came in second. This time it was not close. Glenn ran away with it with a best lap in 1:13.9xx range. Best I could muster was a 1:14.298.


I did notice a couple problems. Right front wheel bearing was giving lots of vibes close to the end of the race. I think it is toast. Also there was liek 1/2" of play on the left front steering.


Seems like the off at willow last summer finally caught up to the rack and messed up something. I does explain why the car was a little harder to correct than normal.


Oh well.... Looks like the next race will be Jan 8-9 back again at PIR.

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Although attendance was still a little thin, the racing was quite exciting especially watching Glenn and Joe duke it out for season 2nd place. I think Joe's Enduro might have put him over the top. but will have to see the final results since there is a throwout in scoring. As Joe said, Darren Griffith did exceptional for his first race. His car spent almost a month in my garage as we put in the suspension upgrades together(except for the torsion bars). I had a little disagreement with Frank Beck's 914 in the sprint race. He is considerably faster and I saw him coming and thought I had given him enough room to go into turn one on the inside but either I came down a bit or he came up and we tapped just before the turn. A little puckering at about 110 mph. Minor door damage to each car and, without video to figure what really happened, we agreed it was just racing.

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