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2009 3 Hours of Spa [GTR2]

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- 60 drivers in 2 car classes

- This race will begin pre-sunset and run for 3 hours in length into a setting sun and darkness.

- Full variable weather will be used (weather may change during race session)

- Total distance is 3 hours or 500k (72 laps), which ever comes first. GT cars can go through the 72 laps in about 2:45 if it stays dry the entire race.



WEGT: Spa (Season 12)

Scuderia Internazionale Spa Enduro (Season 10)

GT Endurance Spa Enduro (Season 9)

2008 3h of Spa event (Season 8)

Eagle Racing Spa 500k (Season 6)

Over The Hill Racing 500K (Season 5)

Critical Mach Spa 500K (Season 5)

GT Invitational Spa 500k (Season 4)

GT Invitational Spa 500k (Season 3)



GT - Ferrari 550 - Dec 14, 2008 - Pablo Garcia - 2:09.446

nGT - Porsche RSR - Dec 22, 2007 - Marko Jozef - 2:18.810



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I am kind of new to sim racing but I really enjoy it. I guess I'm wondering how I can get involved in some events or competitions of some kind to help me get better at it. I love to race online against people but I've never been to a real competition with prizes and such. How can I get more involved?

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iracing is a good one stop sim with lots of various events, but it's expensive unless you plan to be serious about it. Otherwise try racesimcentral.com and see if you can find some leagues to join. If you have a particular sim you like, start with message boards related to that sim and go from there.

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