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53Ft Kentucky 4 car trailer and International truck


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Car Hauler


The 53’ trailer is a 1986 Kentucky double drop trailer with fresh paint and interior outfitting. The rear door is a ramp door that allows very low to the ground cars to be winched inside and there is a 4 post lift inside that raises the cars to the upper deck. The upper deck height from the floor to the ceiling is 53”, the lowest part of the lower deck is 54”, and there is an additional 20” of area under the lower deck for walking. A 6 foot tall person can walk under the upper deck of cars without crouching over which allows using the lift to comfortably work on cars in the trailer. The trailer was used and set up for track support of GT1 and stock cars racing in road coarse events. The trailer is simple but very effective with a lot of storage under part of the first deck where the oak floor of the trailer is. The trailer is set up with an included war wagon tool box set up with nitrogen and enough room for a golf cart. There is bolt organizer, additional storage in the upper rear, in the upper rear is a place for 10 tires, additional tires or crew equipment is placed in the area between the lower deck on the oak floor. There is an additional area over the “goose neck” that has been outfitted with AC, cabinets, table chairs and fold down couch. This additional area is simple but effective for drivers to change, watch track videos or simply hang out. The current capacity of the trailer is four large 17’ long cars. The trailer could be out fitted to carry two more. The trailer has all new brakes linings, most tires are new, a current inspection.


The 1996 International Tractor has fresh paint with new tires and brakes all around. The rig gets 7 mpg fully loaded. The sleeper has new mattress and is very clean. The tractor has a nice Kenwood stereo with Kappa series speakers, ipod connection, subwoofer and amp. There is a 2000 watt inverter that will power the lights in the trailer for a day at a time without starting the engine to charge batteries. The rig is clean, 100 miles on last full service, current inspection, very dependable.


$50,000 for everything. 703-393-0606.


Pictures http://s560.photobucket.com/albums/ss50/ddteman/FFR%20roller/VT%20ASA%20Car/Trailer/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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