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FOR SALE -- 1986 Porsche 944 Spec car (#17)


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Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances I must sell my 944-SPEC car.


1986 Porsche 944 Spec car (#17)

Engine and suspension setup by Chris Cervelli, formerly of Technodyne.



KMR ProSeries camber plates

30mm torsion bars

Weldmeister HD sway bars front and rear (22mm rear, 28 mm front)

Yellow Koni’s all around

944 Adj Ride Height Kit , 52mm, 350# front Hypercoil Springs


Engine --

Amsoil 20-50 used in car since rebuild

Complete rebuild 10/28/2003 at Technodyne (has been to only 7 track days since that rebuild) Oil pan had temperature sensor attached and internal baffling mods made to prevent starvation.

Car made 132 RWHP immediately after last rebuild.

AC compressor removed (alternator moved down with adaptor)

Catalytic converters removed. Straight pipe exhaust (have never had any noise issues at any track with this).


Interior --

Safety Devices (from Stable Energies) bolt in 6-point cage (welded feet) I found this cage fit more snugly to the car frame than others, leaving more space inside for the driver.

Cobra Monaco Seat (Black)

CROW latch and Link 5-pt belts

MOMO Model 80 Steering wheel with quick disconnect.

Completely stripped interior, only dash remaining.


Exterior –

Gray with pink

Dent in lower body behind rear driver’s side wheel. Was there when I bought the car, didn’t happen in race.


Second set of phone dial wheels, with new Toyo’s bought in May 04. Only used 3 – 20 minute sessions. (no, they are not painted pink yet, either)


Still have door glass, window motors, door skins + other assorted parts, if buyer is interested in them. Car is not registered for street use. Buyer to arrange transportation. (I have been using a tow hitch that bolts to the front bumper to get to and from local events. That’s open for discussion if buyer is interested.)


Car has been quite competitive in the events I’ve attended. Definitely more driver’s fault than anything else You can look at my results off:




(Thanks Joe)


My car is the pink nosed one in the middle of the top picture. I have times listed in both the AZ and the SoCal race reports. Also, you can see a picture in the "944 spec driver and Team listing" link on the same page.


Asking $11K, obo

Contact me via the following ways.

Kevin Kane

PM me on here or

Email [email protected]

Home Phone 623-362-1972

Cell Phone 602-751-2110


I can send additional pictures to interested people.

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That really sucks! I enjoy racing with you and was thinking that it sucked that you were not at this last event.


Well Good luck buddy! With you and me selling our cars in AZ, I hope some new people jump in here in AZ.



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Sorry to see you leave Kevin.


I was talking to Steve this past weekend and know our fields will be increasing for 2005.


Here is a picture of the car...



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Yes Kevin

I am sorry to see you go. I hope you will be able to return soon. As Joe mentioned we are hoping to see a significant increase in cars in 2005. We may even get the website working again (don't laugh )

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  • 1 month later...

Figured I'd add another comment here about the car. I recently had it at Stuttgart Southwest for Joe Stubblefield (of the Spec 944 group) to do a prepurchase check on it. That deal fell through, but if anyone wants to check with Joe about the car's condition/status, he's familiar with it now and is willing to answer questions.


Their number is : (480) 968-6764



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  • 2 months later...

Well, after quite a bit of time with no positive results, I figured I'd lower the asking price a bit to see if that helps me sell this car.


I'm now asking $9,999 OBO (please notice the "or best offer" part )





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Kevin, see you just need to keep it and race it til it sells! But on the other note this is a awesome car and was built very well, at $9999 its a steal!!



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If you have time you may want to bring it out to PIR this weekend. There will be 3 people there that are looking to purchase a 944.

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Yep, that's the one, but it ain't going for no $7500.

It has new painted wheels plus a set, new dash board, new graphics, rewired for 4 enduro lights, new Wink mirror, yada, yada.

It could even come with a trailer!

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Considering it..........

It makes more sense for me to have street legal rental cars. No truck, no trailer needed. Just pack the car and go, like I do with the 924S.

So it's either make the red car street legal, or sell it and build another from scratch.

The up side is that if it sells, we'll have one more racing 944 out there on a regular basis, whether that is in PHX or SoCal!

We had 6 cars in the spec class at our last local autocross (March 26).






Dale ?

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I could trade you a street legal one for yours? Just a thought, but I can drive anything in a pinch if I have to due to having the dealer plates.

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