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Hoosiers and Kumhos for sale !


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Clearing out all my race and street tires;


3 Complete sets of Hoosier 225/45/15's and two additional ones (14 total)


-3 complete sets have 6 heat cycles or less (used only one race weekend in HC)

-2 tires have 7 heat cycles (used for one additonal pratice session)


3 Kumho Ecsta V710's with 4 heat cycles (4th tire damaged at Mid Ohio on first lap)


Street tires


4 Yokohama AVS 225/45/17's off our street Audi (never been tracked) about 75% tread left on all four tires




Hoosiers $35 per tire for the first three sets (6 heat cycles or less), 30 for the last two tires (7 heat cycles) , $400 takes all 14 tires (saves you $80)


Kumho V710's $25 each


Yokohama street tires $25 each


At this stage I want local pickup or within 25 miles.


Phil Phillips of Phil's Tire Service can vouch for me that I bought new race tires for every race so these do really have 6 heat cycles or less.


If you want them shipped email me back in about two weeks (around 12/15). Please don't email me now with questions on what it costs to ship to whatever zipcode. If you have your own UPS account and can calulate the shipping then I will ship now but I don't have time to get shipping qoutes until later.


Send email to jons911 (AT) earthlink.net




Jon P. Kofod

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