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Anyone have a 996/997 cup car for the 25hour?


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Have a team of drivers looking for a solid Porsche cup car for the 25 Hour... 996 or 997 would work. Anyone have a car/team that could accommodate this?


Please email me at [email protected].


Thanks in advance!

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Sorry, I havn't seen a cup car in the 25 that I can remember. The only high profile Porsche was when "flying lizard came and tested for the Daytona 24. I would think that the cost of running and waring out a cup car isn't in the best interest of the one writing the check. I think you would be alt of money ahead if you took a stock 911 and did the minumum work for safety and ran a stock motor for reliability, stick a 32 gallon cell in it and you have a contender! (at a fraction of the cost). 3 years ago a team called, "Crazy Redhead" was a stock autocross 911 with a big fuel cell. It qualified a 2:18 and won the race by a big margin!

Hope this helps and hope to see your team at the 25!




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