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NASA-AZ 2003-2004 Schedule, what tracks are we running?


Which track would you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which track would you prefer?

    • Arizona Motorsports Park
    • Phoenix International Raceway
    • Firebird Main

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Hi All,

There has been some speculation about why our schedule is running primarily at AMP. The fact of the matter is we would like to run at all three tracks, BUT PIR and Firebird are not viable options because of the following:


PIR: We are trying to get a date ASAP, BUT the fact is they have torn up the road course to build a tunnel for the NASCAR events, so as of now the road course does not even exist and for the foreseable future will not be put back together, we have requested dates and they are not giving out dates. ASRA lists a date on their calender for Novenber, but in fact they will be running at AMP.


Firebird: We have done several events in the past at Firebird and we would like to return, but they have yet to come up with a fair rental agreemant which allows us to promote an event at their facility, the fact is they are charging almost as much as AMP for considerably less, which in it self does not matter to me, EXCEPT NASA members do not turn out for these events and we cannot put on events and loose thousands of dollars. So we either have to charge a lot more or not put on the events. We at NASA-AZ will do our best to negotiate a fair deal with Firebird in order to bring our members an event at Firebird in the 2003-2004 season, stay tuned.


The good news is AMP is working on improvements which will allow us to run their 2.5 mile course in the reverse direction. Also we will be able to run the East and West course simutaniously, which should add some variety to our schedule. I welcome any feedback from members.



Dan Webb

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I prefer AMP and PIR, but FIR is main is ok.


AMP to me is tight enough without cutting it in half. I personally wouldn't be to thrilled about running either of those loops while racing. What are they 1.25 mile courses?

Running the full AMP backwards would be very cool!


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I guess I'm the only guy from SoCal who's run Firebird and PIR. I've never run AMP, though will this fall. If it helps for renting tracks, you can count on entry fees from at least a few SoCal spec guys. I'm still researching mass transportation (5-8 cars) from SD to PHX and back.

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My vote is Like this.. Assume Running on event per month except for June, July, August this leaves 9 events


So... I'd like 6 AMP events and 3 PIR events. Or at least 1 PIR in the spring and 1 in the fall. So hopefully PIR does is only "down" and not "Gone".


I love AMP and think it where we should do most of our running, PIR is nice change up and presents is own challenges. I think running AMP always can get a little boring. Running AMP in reverse would be interesting if I can be pulled of safely (Turns 8 & 9 would be intersting as a decreasing radius turn ), but I'd still like to visit PIR twice a year.


I am with Paul and think the spliting the tracks is not great idea. One one the big advantages of AMP is the length of track. It is the longest track in Az and to me that is a big draw especially for the racers. Now you could split the track for DE. Maybe it would be possible to have Two Novice DE groups. HPDE 1 & 2 running at the same time on the two shorter tracks. HPDE 1 on east, HPDE 2 on West. Most HPDE 1 & 2 guys are just learning and dealing with less track be better for the learning curve. Remember Firebird East? Great track for DE since it is so short there are only 5 turn complexes to figure out and to learn. Would it be possible to run have a quick change over between the split track vs full track config to be able to do it between run groups?


I do remember hearing that the PCA was looking at a club race at PIR around Feburary 2004. Dale Willis said the PIR course was not going away and would still be active and might be the location. Of course there is a big difference between Nov 2003 and Feb 2004. I can't think that there would not be SOME time when course is inactive.



As for Firebird..

East - Too narrow for racing I don't want to race there at all. DE & testing are blast however

West - Like a big Ax course. I did not have much even in my DE days. Again I don't want to race there.

Main - Ok at best. Not great for HPDE due to walls. I event per year is MORE than enough. No events at Firebird main would not bother me. I don't really miss that track.



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After reading Dans Post, and knowing the current situation that NASA has here is Arizona at this time. We really dont have the options that everyone thinks we have.


1. PIR ..is NOT giving any dates right now; let me say that again; PIR is NOT GIVING ANY DATES RIGHT NOW! and it would not surprise me if they did not rebuild the infield road course. I believe (That means This is IMO) PIR views road racing as a pain, and also does not make any real money off the road section of its property, from what has been indicated in the past 90% of PIR revenues come from NASCAR and NASCAR Testing - this is why they are trying to get a 2nd NASCAR and IRL dates. Look at it from there perspective - almost no one was there for The Rolex Series and I am sure NASA, ARSA and SCCA do not make up enough $ to PIR to justify rebuilding the road section after there construction project is complete. Also by eliminating the Infield Road course they can have a larger PIT for NASCAR and infield Stands for more ticket sales! Just my observation but if I were you guys I would not be getting my hopes up that we are going to get PIR back anytime soon!


2. Firebird! I hate Firebird Main .. and west track is.. well just lame! I love East But like Dan said Firebird is not cost effective to run there, and is frankly sorta of dangerous to the novice drivers (HP1-2) and The 3-4 tend to get a little crazy aswell.


I am aslo in the frame of mind I would like to see a FIR date just to spice things up! But remeber not to bitch about the lack of tracks we have - we could be like UTAH or Idaho and have NO road racing and ONLY Autocrossing, Rally Cross and Rally Sprint! So If AMP is our only viable choice then great - thank god we have them - they are way easy to deal with, friendly and excited about us being there, they (AMP) do everything they can to help make NASA, ASRA and even SCCA events to be successful.


Remeber these are just my opinions and we know what that means opinions are like A$$holes everyones got one!



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Good News!!!

I sent in a question to the guys at PIR about the road course and got this response!


"What is the status of the road course at PIR. How does the added tunnel and changes to Turn 2 impact the road course? I assume it will still be active after the upgrades are completed as that is my favorite part of PIR!

Joe Paluch

Avondale, Az


Lee Baumgarten, Director of Event Operations - "When we began the tunnel and the wall reconfiguration projects our main goal was not to impact the road course. We accomplished that goal and there is no impact on the road course. In fact, that is the main resaon we ended up in the turn #4 area."



Here is the URL to the same posted in their website!!!!



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My preference is for PIR if available, AMP with a few pit and paddock improvements, then Firebird Main. No FB East or West.


I would NOT want to run AMP split. That might be good for NASA and PCA DE's, but not for 944 racing.


If we have a problem with dates at the prefered tracks, road trips and co-sponsored events in New Mexico, Nevada, and California, are viable alternatives.



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