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NASA-Hotlanta Challenge Pictures


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yeah, I was surprised how much deflection there was in your sidewalls


good to see you got the images with no problem, thank you for your business, I really appreciate it.

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Lucid Moments
I do... . He is just a little wide of the apex at Turn 3.


I thought you might Thanks, there just isn't enough background in that particular picture to tell.

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Brent, you have an email.



Ok, I need to stop for the night, the wife is starting to look at me funny. Good night all, I will resume the rest tomorrow afternoon.

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So if you skip over someone, are we to imply you didn't take any shots??

I sent you a PM with the info regarding the two I had of you, but it has not shown up that you have received it. Check your PM's.


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trhoads... can you PM me pricing and some photos thanks

sure can. I have your set ready to put online, but it got late last night.


cool thanks bro.

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That's actually a pretty good then and now picture for a Mustang.


Thanks, that is why I took it, and they both run the same TT class, and they were running really close, as you can see.

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Got any of a Silver C5 ZO6 number 71 from DE2 sessions?





Yes I do, I will add you to the list.


Thanks for your interest.

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