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I think we might need to look at the racing spec classes and see if within the rules of those classes where would our TT cars be classed. I point to the fact that using the current rules a 1.6L SM and a 1.8L SM would be in different classes. I can only assume this would be true for some of the Hondas and Nissans. I'm not sure how we would want to fix this type of issue (push the 1.6L up or the 1.8L down), but it seems that given the fact that many in TT are using this as a stepping stone to racing in a NASA class, we should be making sure that spec cars are in the same TT group.




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I've got this one written down for the proposed changes already (thanks for letting me know about it a while back). I think that ALL NASA spec cars should be put into a specific base class as long as the car meets all of the spec rules. For example, the Spec SRT should be TTC. The Spec SE-R should be TTD. If the car breaks any of the NASA Spec rules, then the car reverts completely to the TT rules (ie., you don't start with a Spec SRT in TTC, then add mod points for improving the car past the Spec rules....the car goes back to the original stock base class and gets points like every other car). This should help to take care of your Spec Miata issue, Karl.


So, if we adopt this rule, we just need to class the NASA Spec cars. Suggestions are welcome, although I've already got an idea of what I think they should be based on the fastest times that spec racers do at our local tracks compared with our fastest TT times.

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