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Looking for NASA Florida Thunder Roadster owners

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I'm looking for information about running a Thunder Roadster in Florida.

1. How does the Yamaha motor handle the heat?

2. I've read the rules and I do not see any info about engine swaps. Some suggest putting a Suzuki Hyabusa motor in because it is water cooled and more durable. How does that affect your classification?

3. Is the Road Course package from 600racing enough? Some say that is not enough. The tranny, clutch, rear end can't take the beating and will fail quickly.


I'm trying to avoid buying another money pit.


Any info would be appreciated.



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Weed Wacker

I don't live in florida but we run 3-4 thunder roadsters regularly here in the midwest.


We sometimes take trips to sebring though in the winter as there is a group of roadster guy we have a sort of friendly rivalry with. The head guy with that group goes by the name of Tinker an has a website www.toysbytink.com


Great bunch of guys all just out to have fun.


They all run busa's with carbs on them


Here is a few things we've learned over the years:


-Our cars have all gone to the 600 racing water-cooled set-up. As the yamaha gets too hot it looses power, the water-cooling eliminates this.


-We run the STR-2 class with nasa as it allows room to grow (aka we are allowed to swap motors, mess with the suspension, experiment with aero, run better tires, bigger gas tank for enduros etc).


-Don't know what the 600 racing road course package has outside of body work, all of our cars but one (which has the road race body) are oval cars with different spring rates and tires.


-EVERY rearend attachment point should be reinforced; aka double shear and/or gusseted.


-If you run the yamaha it is a smart idea to make sure the transmission has back-cut gears in it.


-Run the top-end oiler and pinned cams if you don't already.


-Look into a thunder cup oil system (they have a different hose/oil cooler/oil filter set up than normal tr's). While not totally mandatory, its good insurance.


-Run a large oil cooler if you dont already


-We have one busa car that we used to run, super fast car that ran just over 2 years on the first motor that was pulled straight from a bike and bolted in the car, not even torn down first. The idea was to test it out and once it broke we would go through it. It never broke! Once we started trying to set the world on fire (think 200 whp range) though, stuff started breaking. The owner then lost interest and went back to yamaha power. We will be re-visiting suzuki power possibly this winter though with another car.


Hope this helps



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