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PIR Results up and season points


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Congratulations to Steve Sapareto the 2004 Arizona 944-Spec champion.


It was close battle for second in points and in the end Joe Paluch beat out Glenn Gormley for 2nd.


1)Sapareto - 1140

2) Paluch - 760

3) Gormley - 620


Full Results are here.


Note that the NASA points drop system was adopted resulting in a drop of all competitor's 2 lowest scoreing races from season. This included droping any missed races.


Season Ending Toyo Payouts...

1) Steve Sapareto -$600

2) Joe Paluch - $300

3) Glenn Gormley - $150


Results from PIR Weekend are here and posted at Mylaps.com



For race 16 all cars were combined into PSO So no 944-spec points were awarded.


Toyo Payouts for Race 14 are as follows

1) Glenn Gormley - $150

2) Joe Paluch - $75

3) Darren Griffith - $35



As side note in Race 14 6 of seven driver's set their new personal best 944-spec race laps. Glenn Gormley's personal best was also a 944-spec track record!


Great Job Guys!

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