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Finally, fixed the grinding rear end problem

Tom #16

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I know the subject title is begging for a butt or gay joke....


Anyway, some of you may remember I've been having a problem with a grinding sound coming from the rear of my car during hard corning. I finally got it fixed with a little help from John @ Anderson Motorsports. Several months ago I got a replacement axle/CV joint assembly (from raxles.com) to replace a CV joint that broke. It turns out the axle is about 1/4" longer than it should be and was hitting against the inside of the stub axle. John was nice enough to send me the correct axle and everything is quiet now

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You just couldn't take that extra length Tom? I had heard John had a shorter one! Sorry guys, your right, who can resist?


Don't beat me up next time I see you ok JA? I'm only kidding.

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Aw, beat him up anyway....that Aussie deserves it.


Tom, super glad to hear the car is 100% again. NASA has a great schedule this coming year. Bring it out.

I learned that the Aluminum A-arms come in 2 different sizes now, too.

I had to buy 2 more because of ball joint failures. Once again, AUTOBAHN filled the need at a fantastic price!

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