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Next Event at California Speedway


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Who is going to the NASA Event at Calif Speedway?

Dates are March 12 &13?


Weekend after is the California Fest of Speed.



I am planning on Trip there in march and am considering either date.


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The CFOS event is a PCA club race weekend with a POC run group, right?

Not as many guys have POC or PCA club racing licenses.

We all have NASA racing licenses. I'm leaning towards racing with the bigger crowd.


Eric, are you going to run mostly with the POC for 2005? That's ok with me. You do a great job helping guys get going in the POC.

I like that we can cross over to promote the concept of 944 racing everywhere. Get the seat time however you can!

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I am leaning torward NASA for a few reasons.


1) Toyo dollars

2) Lower Event costs (PCA nickel and dime's you to death

3) More guys can race. Looking to make the trip it Paul Bloomberg and Glenn Gormley. Both have NASA and no PCA. Glenn might get PCA, but Paul does not have a Pcar any more.

4) Dates work better for other family constraints.

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