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New Sports Racer Class


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I propose a new NASA class/series for both closed cockpit sports racers (Diasio, Fusion, Lynx, etc.) and open cockpit sports racers (Stohr, West, Speads, Van Diemen, etc.). This would give sports racers a common class to race in and move current NASA sports racers (SU, ES, ESR) into their own class. I propose a P1 class to include current SCCA CSR cars. A P2 class to include current SCCA DSR cars. And a SRF class for Spec Racer Fords. Also, these cars would be eligible for the NASA/USERA endurance series. Further, a national series for NASA sports racers would be the equivalent to a mini-LeMans series. This would greatly increase NASA membership by having a similar class for current SCCA sports racers that are looking for more or looking to "cross-over". It would also allow NASA sports racers to participate in SCCA regional races. Further, a NASA sports racer class would give IMSA Lite racers a regional place to race during their "off season" (IMSA Lite cars meet SCCA CSR requirements). This would also eliminate the problem of trying to find the proper group to place SU cars. Some NASA drivers don't like the idea of racing side-by-side with these faster and smaller cars. I heard many different opinions but the general consensus is they are hard to see and there closing rate is very high. It only makes sense that sports racers run in their own class for safety reasons. As a final note. I didn't mention Formula cars because I think open-wheel cars should run with open-wheel cars. But that's just my opinion.


Just A Thought..

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