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944 Marketing in SD


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What a good idea! Sounds like every had a lot of fun.


Last weekend Tim offers his car at the local Autocross for $10 for 3 laps. He gets 16 takers and he donates half of the money to charity.


Way to go Tim. Great marketing ... and good for charity too.

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Guys, here's the brief report from the Autocross Charity Challenge.


What a blast!

I didn't turn one lap on the course and I still had a great time! It was a different kind of fun, but still fantastic.


Here's what happened. I offered up one of my 944-spec cars for all comers to go head-to-head in. $10 for 3 laps and possible bragging rights. $5 of each entry would go to Charity and I would keep $5 to help pay for wear and tear on the car.


Same car, same tires, same track, same everything.........

I didn't hear one excuse about why somebody went slower than anybody else!


We had 16 different drivers give it their all in the same car. My little car ran 52 laps and didn't skip a beat. The TOYO TIRES looked the same as when we started the event. We raised $169 dollars and I didn't feel so good about splitting the smallish pot so it all got handed over to Monica. Why $169? Well, one driver had $9 total cash on him(close enough!) and one chap just had to have a second go at it!

Drivers were generally very impressed with the cars performance as well as its "fun factor."

Stevie G. parked his red rocket for a while and jumped into the spec car. His 3rd lap was a smokin' quick 1:04.16!!!!! So it should be clear now that not only is Steve's red car quick, Steve himself is quick. He finished that lap a full second sooner than the nearest competitor.

Other drivers adapted to the car pretty easily. Check out the lap times.

1. S. Groskemper 1:04.16

2. D. Chambers 1:05.11

3. B. Hayes 1:05.14

4. C. Scragg 1:05.45

5. J. Kincaid 1:05.64

6. A. Wolf 1:06.04

7. M. McGowan 1:06.75

8. H. Meeder 1:06.84

9. K. Crosser 1:07.52

10. C. Sharp 1:08.14


It was a great competition, an absolute blast for me to share this class of Porsche racing cars with other drivers, and exciting for the drivers as well.

I was asked by one of the 2005 AX chairs to do it again.

Sounds like fun to me!


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Hey Dilly...

... Don't feel so bad about the e-brake thing. Last race I ran I full practice seession with my e-brake on. .


Funny thing is that it did seem to slow me down.


Of course the e-brake does not work too well anymore so maybe I just wore it down.

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