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Merry Christmas you 944 lovers!

AZ Coupe Jason

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Hey everyone have a great christmas, and a happy holidays. Be safe eat lots so you get fat and make your cars slower! I dont think santa is bringing me a new Centerforce clutch


Later buddies and have a great weekend!!


Jason #25

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Careful using the centerforce clutch, the goofy weights they put around the center will often hit the T.O. bearing or the release arm. I had to put a clutch pedal stop in a car with one of these. I prefer the factory Sachs sport set-up. 5 years of racing and 60,000 street miles with zero issues. Greg f

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Yep. Our cars have stock Hp.

We don't do standing starts.

Our cars have been lightened.

Even though we're racing, a fancy clutch would mean one less entry fee!

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I have said it before and I will say it again.


I install a new clutch and pressure plate in Jan 2003. Ran something 20-30 races on it. When I did a rebuild this fall the clutch still had some of the original ink labling on the disc face and the pressure plate still had all the normal maching grooves. Parts seemed just like new.


That was a stock spring center clutch. Nothing fancy and hardly any wear.

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