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Getting new drivers to the group....


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This is the time of year when a lot of club level racers wheels start churning...literally. We are on the verge of a major explosion in our class-I FEEL IT!


Let's get some of those Time Trial drivers and those in racing schools etc. more opportunities to give the 944's a spin. Tim's autocross idea is a great one, but as Tim and I discussed , even if one of them is converted it will take 6-8 mos. for licensing!


The past couple weeks I was working on some experienced people in SF area to jump in....this includes a couple shops that race 944's like Greg in Seattle. Since I am still learning a lot about the cars, I have turned things over to the Timmy the "ambassador"



This forum seems to be the most active one for NASA. We should all start going to Rennlist as well. That site is supported VERY heavily in the So Cal area. There are a lot of guys like I was at this time last year...I knew I wanted to get more track time, didn't know what to do. I had some experience with various driving events and clubs, but no committments (other than the wife and kids).


A lot of 911 drivers have never even driven a 944(that was me 9mos. ago) and the perception by many is distorted to say the least. There are HUGE groups of guys that have the time and money to jump into the class but just don't know about it.


Enough of my soapbox, I am being summoned to wrap some last minute presents.....

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We are trying to grow this class here in the NW using a couple of tactics. The biggest problem we will probably encounter is strong competition with the Spec Miata group. The two classes are similar in format and expenses. I believe we have a couple of advantages, Porsche mystique , a cockpit that will support 6ft+ drivers, and at least for now the 944's we have are faster than the Miata's.


1. I am building a couple of cars this winter as rental rides. I think I agree with Jason that it is important for someone to get firsthand experience and see that 350hp is not required to have fun at the track. I plan to mostley rent them for PCA DE events, but also on race weekends.


2. We are trying to put a contingency/ sponsorship program in place. It will be small at first, but it would still be more than most classes get. The Miata racers get heavily discounted parts from Mazda Motorsports. We need to negotiate a national parts discount program with a company like SSF, Worldpack, or IMC. I have proposed to OMP america that they provide discounted safety gear to include helmets, suits, shoes, gloves, etc. We are working out the details for our local group, but there is no reason it could not be a national program.


3. Continue to work on a rules package that contains costs without requiring Nazi level enforcement. An example of this is allowing any chip that fits in the OE DME box. I do not want the job of making sure no one has modified their chip, nor do I want to buy that equipment, so just let the racers install what they want. The rules need to allow a durable, reliable racecar and should allow the car to do what it does best....Handle!

We will fight the " winnable" fights with regard to rules structure. We won't be dyno testing peoples shocks, or even requiring particular models. The shock rule as it exists in SD is contrary, but I am sure it will be re-worded to make more sense in the future.


Anyone have some more ideas? Good donor cars are still plentiful and cheap here in the NW. Prices range from $1500 to $3000. There are lots of shops to maintain and modify them. My goal is to have 10 to 12 cars running next year and double that by the next year. Greg Fordahl

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Steve Sapareto and I are right with you on building this great class.

-We get door prizes from SSF.

-Discounted deals from Paragon Products.

-Discounted deals on used Porsche parts from Autobahn Dismantlers.


Also, agree that things like chips, which are difficult to enforce, should be left unrestricted.

We'll keep tightening the rules to make it clear to everyone exactly what you can and can't do. That way, we won't need any rules nazi's! Once we "tune" people's attitudes with regard to our class philosophy, hopefully, they'll want to bring equal cars to the grid.

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This forum seems to be the most active one for NASA. We should all start going to Rennlist as well.


The Rennlist and other porsche boards is a great idea.


How about something within nasaproracing.com?



should have a least a link to Joe's 944-spec website contents.



should have a link to the 944-spec rules.

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