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2005 Norcal schedule?


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The 2005 Norcal "overall" schedule has been posted, but how do I know which events will be TT?


Also, is there a Norcal TT Championship? I see that Socal has one.





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I am Steve Lock the outgoing 2004 TT leader. I will be introducing the new, 2005 gruop leader Gaetano Cosentino at the first event Jan 22nd & 23rd at SPIR.


I can't speak for Gaetano but i would expect a 2005 season Championship. In 2004 we named a Champion in TTB and TTE which are the only 2 classes with more than occasional drivers. The TTE battle was hot all season long and decided by only a few points.


As far as the schedule, TT usually is offered at any HPDE event that is held together with normal racing groups. This means that any event that also offers racing, has the Timing and scoring set up and can offer TT. In 2004 we had 18 events of which 16 counted for the season championship.


if you have any more questions, send me a phone number. Also, please stop by and say hi and SPIR in January and meet Gaetano. We will be at the Group 4 drivers meeting and downloads sessions.

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