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Crew chief and maybe car available for use..


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I am unfortunately still in a financial hole and can not run this year.

However a 5-time driver at the 25-hrs- Team owner in 2007. Daytona 24 Crew Experience (GT). Koni Challenge GS Crew member/GS Winner. Currently still licensed for NASA/SCCA/Grand-Am. Much more. ex-scca regional champion/national winner..

I am looking for a team who wants a Crew chief/Strategist--(no not just a team goofer). I am a mature semi-retired person who wants to help a team win. I have also spotted at Nascar Winston West races. Refueld and replaced tires for many Pro teams. As I am also licensed and experienced with driving if you need an "emergency" driver at 3-am I can do that too. I love the dark and the rain and will bring it home for you. Due to my current work schedule I am every week, for a day or so. staying up 36-40 hours straight without sleep and my body is used to that kind of "abuse". I could make myself available for testing before event, if you need me for 4-5 days of packing spares/last minute prep. etc..I can make myself free all week before race..

For the team that wants a spare car. I can even make arrengements to bring my ready to race Porsche 944 S2, built and raced in E1 in 2007 25-hrs. What can I do for you what do you need? I am based in Central California..Paso Robles area..


Per Helldin/Hellracer


OK.. Possibly and maybe available for use as backup car.. Got my car ready to race( ok it was before l or used last years race/been sitting since). All wired for lights and endurance running.

I have my 944 S2 ready for use by team as backup or for sale or rent to team needing a second car or whatever.. Hit me up and I am willing to work something out.


Call me 24/7 as I never know when I work. 805=400-9434


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