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Every time something is written on this forum....


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or any other chat room, website etc. it is not only open for public consumption, but will be looked at by hundreds (or more) future racers.


Whether in our class or not, I think it's something everyone should think about before putting stuff in writing. I have sent a bunch of guys to this site and one of my friends just told me he was following the forums....let's be cool if you know what I mean!

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True. That's why I requested that driver's rules input be clear, brief and respectful.

So....... brand new guys are probably looking at the last days posts and thinking one of 2 things:

1. Man, some of those 944 guys aren't too friendly with each other.........or

2. Man, those 944 guys take their rules seriously. I like that. LOL!


Please keep in mind that part of our goal for the rules is to replace the bad blood with a new openness about our cars. That's how we do it in SoCal and it works.

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