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Professional driver available for the 25!


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I thought I had a ride lined up, but it looks like the car won't be ready. I ran the 25 last year with Wasabi Racing, and we enjoyed a nice solid run. I'd love to run this year with someone who needs a fast, safe pair of hands to do a little work. I ran last year in the KONI Sports Car Challenge with APR Motorsport and collected three wins while keeping my nose clean all season, and am not a completely unbearable pain in the ass to work with, to boot! I have experience in many different platforms and am very adaptable, with a good mind for setup.


Please contact me at msweeney3056 (at) gmail.com.


For more information about me, check out http://www.gomikesweeney.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;






P.S. I am a solid 5 seconds per lap faster than Brian Lock. You can ask him!

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I can attest to Mike's professionalism and ability as he was one of our drivers at the 2008 25 Hours of Thunderhill. If you have an opportunity, Mike would be a valuable asset to your team.



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