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2005 Rules Official Comment Period Closed (and teaser)

Greg G.

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Thanks to all of you who gave your input and suggestions for the 2005 TT rules! The rules revisions are completed and have been submitted for final approval to the NASA chiefs (Jerry and Ryan). We were able to incorporate almost all of the suggestions made, either outright or with a compromise position. The rules are now much more road race specific than in the past, with new Roll Bar/Cage and Aerodynamics headings under the Modifications points assessments. As well, the modification section is larger and more detailed, closing some of the 2004 "loopholes". There are about 15-20 new or changed base car classifications that should help to level out the playing field in some of the areas that were of concern, and most of the NASA Spec racecars have been given a classification. Also, the timing and scoring section has been expanded to help define some procedures that we have been using in practice over the year.


I don't want to get more specific until we have final approval, but I think these rules will be a significant improvement for NASA TT for 2005. We'll get them posted ASAP!


Also, if you are thinking of buying some new brake pads now, wait a few weeks. I'm working on finalizing a National TT discount program with a major racing brake manufacturer. It is a 99.9% certainty that it will be completed within 2 weeks. This will be a program that only NASA TT drivers will be able to take advantage of. I'll get the word out as soon as it's finalized.


Enough teasers?


Happy New Year!!

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Thank you for leading the effort for the 2005 rule changes and putting it together. It's not an easy task and pretty complicated for TT. Whatever we all missed this off season during these discussions, we'll figure them out in 2005 and tweak the rules again as needed. We should be in better shape for '05 with new rules, though, no matter what!


Best wishes to all TT competitors in 2005!

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