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Should we allow this engine mod in 944-spec- 100lbs penatly?


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Well guys... I figured there must be a bunch of cars like this running around and I really hate to exclude them from the fun. Unfortunatly it is not easy to get back in spec so... Whadda think How about a 100 lbs weight penalty. That should cover it? Yeah I may be a can of worms, but what are you going to do.








Oh... yeah ... Almost forgot here is a picture of the mod...






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someone has discovered photo shop?



Not Photoshop... It is for real. It is pictire of car from Sweden.


Look Closely and notice that it is 965 unit. 3.6L and the forward pipes are for turbos!



Steve Rea dumped us for V8 Swap. Me thinks a 3.6 motor have been more interesting.

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