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2005 Rules input was a success

Tim Comeau

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You guys weren't aware, but NASA National emailed me saying we had a great approach to our rules.

I think it's great to belong to a class that can get this kind of thing done so quickly. It truly is exceptional.

There was alot of input and even more discussion. I came to find out one of my good ideas wasn't so good for the whole class after all. That's ok, we got them hashed out. 13 drivers voiced their opinions on the 5 issues.

Here are the results:

1. Flywheels: 11 drivers said NO to lightened flywheels. 1 driver said they were ok, but with weight added. No drivers said they should be allowed and free.


2. Kill Switch: 11 drivers said yes, phase them in. 2 drivers said they shouldn't be required.


3. Short shifters: 8 drivers said keep them stock. 3 said any shifter is ok. 1 said keep them stock or choose one brand of aftermarket.


4. Cages welded to the A & B pillars: 10 drivers said it's a good idea for safety. 2 were against the additional welding.


5. Stock exterior mirrors: 8 drivers were for keeping them stock. 2 said any mirror is ok. 1 said stock, or one choice of aftermarket.


Thanks a million for helping to guide the future of your class!


I never want to discourage discussion about the rules, but let's not argue about them any further. Let's get ready to race and let's each go find some more drivers who want to embrace our class philosophy of racing equal, simple, cheap cars, which just happen to be PORSCHES!


With those results compiled, Steve and I pow-wow'd for about an hour on the phone last night. The final set of rules has 1 last thing to nail down and that has to do with cage rules compatability with spec-944. Steve will then send a copy to Joe Paluch to post on the website for you guys to see, and I'll launch a set to NASA National for final approval.


At your service,

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