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cookie cutters anyone?

Tim Comeau

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Because of the new stock track width rule, I'm selling off my cookies. Both my cars originally took late offset phonies. I have plenty of phonies already.

1 set went to Chambers # 35.

1 set went to Jim Marks # 51.

1 set left.........


Jason needs a clutch?

Dylan needs some exterior mirrors?

Eric needs some juevos?


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Found the heuvos!! Just need a motor now and I'll be ready. Hope to be at CSW in March!! Then kicken Dilly's backside and your next. After that I'm going for Pete, Joe P and Dwain!!

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Blah blah blah Eric, you a$$ (not in the biblical sense) is mine!


Did you say "late offset"? That's 85.5 - 86 but not 87-88 right? Otherwise, I'd be interested if they fits the 88's!



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Dylster, I'm getting my red car back to stock track width for the 2005 season. It should have the 52.3 mm offset phonies.

Mikael, call AUTOBAHN at 619.444.2290. I just pulled 5 or so spec legal wheels from their inventory and set them aside. I can't remember which offsets they were.


So the early offset(23.3mm) cookies go on the early cars 83-85.

Then the phone dials were available in the early offset for 85.5-86?

Then different phonies in the ABS 52.3mm offset for the 87-88.


So, in an effort to help the newbies learn the wheels easier......

Should we call the early offset cookies and phonies "EARLY"

The 85.5-86 phonies "LATE"

And the 87-88 phonies "ABS" ?

Or just let 'em suffer...

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It is less important what came stock on the car vs what fits.


There are 3 legal wheels for 944-spec. oOher wheels may have come from the factory or are on any car you buy.



These 3 Wheels are


"Cookie Cutter" wheels make by ATS (Standard wheel 83-85)


23.3 mm Early Offset "Phone Dials" (Standard Wheel 85.5 and 86)


52.3 mm Late Offset "Phone Dials" (Standard Wheel 87-88 944)



Now assuming you have not been updating/backdating parts your choice of wheels is as follows


83-86 944 = Cookie Cutters or early offset phone dials

(Note late offsetphone dials can be used if the proper aftermarket spacer is used. This not recomended as spacers increase loading on wheel studs and longer studs are often required)


87-88 944 and 87-88 924S = Late offset Phone Dials



To Clear things up remember cookie cutters work on 83-86 cars.


Phone dials have two stock offsets (early and late) and they all are stamped with proper offset.

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