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Got my new kill switch from Dave Turner Motorsports $35

Tim Comeau

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It has an alternator protection circuit, too.

I'll install it on the driver's side.

If you want one too, call those guys at 858.571.3811.

Tell 'em I sent you and they'll treat you worse!

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What are you saying Bad Cop? You don't like my mirrors? Least of my worries at the minute. I need to get the car back together. Just before Xmas, I pulled it out to do some garage re-arranging, well, sure enough, the next day rained. I have no plastic cover over the battery area. I pushed it in. Next minute it starts to fizzle and pop, and not like Snoop Dog style either! So I disconnected everything. I need to rectify this little problemo.


Why does Snoop Dog carry an umbrella?


Fo drizzle!




p.s. Oh yeah mirrors, I have the cases/outsides, it was the glass that was messed up. The internals. Oh, but we still waiting on the rules right? It's on the cards like the A/B pillar welding.

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I have a stock driver's side mirror you can have for free Dilly. It's even red. Same shade of red your ass was after the last time we raced together.

The glass seems a little loose.

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