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Porterfield Brake Pad Discount for ALL NASA, not just TT

Greg G.

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The brake pad discount program that I leaked some info about in an earlier thread is now finalized, and I'm pleased to announce that Every NASA member will be able to take part in this program. There will be a press release on the NASA website soon, but here's the scoop:


NASA is pleased to announce yet another Member Benefit for NASA drivers. The newest offer is from Porterfield Enterprises Ltd. of Costa Mesa, CA. Porterfield (http://www.porterfield-brakes.com) is the manufacturer of the popular R4 racing brake pad that has been used successfully in many different race venues, and is also a retailer for Hawk, Performance Friction, and Raybestos brake products. The newest offer from Porterfield and NASA is 20% off retail prices for Porterfield and Hawk brand pads and 10% off retail for Raybestos and Performance Friction pads. This is a deep discount and will add up to hundreds in savings over a typical race season. Just mention you are a NASA member when you call Porterfield (949-548-4470) and you'll enjoy the benefits of this outstanding program.

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