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Safety Equipment Reminder

Jon M.

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I was bored at work and thought that it would be good to review all of the criteria related to the acceptable age of the car's safety equipment (seat, belts, driver attire, etc). Not surprisingly, I found one item that had almost expired.


Remember to take a look ahead of time and save yourself a massive headache of finding out the "hard way" during annual tech.


Apex Performance was a huge help in getting the Spec 3 series off the ground. If you need anything, please consider them for your equipment needs. They also have a 10% off promo code of BIMMERFORUM-10 so feel free to take advantage of their sale.


Counting down the days.


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Just a reminder to check the dates on everything.


Also, Apex Performance is running a NASA promo code at checkout for 10% off.

Type in "NASA" (in all caps).


I just ordered a new set of sliding tethers for my HANS device. Remember that the tethers on your HANS need to be replaced within the approved service window; an example of how your annual tech could go "wrong."



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