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Looking to buy a clean first car (Civic/CRX/Integra)

Eric Rosenberg

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We're looking to move up from karts so we're looking for a clean already built "first car" for our son. If you have something for sale or know of one please let us know. Photos, specs and price would be very helpful. We are located in Southern California.


Thank you.

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A lot of good cars are available on the west coast right now in varying price ranges. My Accord USTCC champion at 30K, A real nice Civic type R at 10K in LA. Mike Qs car above, and down to the Lock's CRX at $2500.


Depends on where you are going and how fast do you want to get there.

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My coupe has been sold to Brent. It will continue it's life of competition in NorCal Honda Challenge events!!

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nice mike glad to see you sold the car.



in so cal there is a 00 civic si, that would only need 2 rear bars, and 2 door bars added to that would make a good HC car. it needs suspension and stuff though but for 7000 its a steal, he'd probably take less then that if you offered him cash. PM me if you want some details.

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I'm looking to sell my car this year and maybe start ATV racing. Its a 4-door EK Civic (96-00 body style) and it raced in the first half of the so cal Honda Challenge last year. It won (Honda Challenge H-1) at Buttonwillow last April and got pole at California Speedway and Buttonwillow last year as well. The best part is it qualified on pole with a B16a engine and laid down 203hp immediately after the Buttonwillow Honda Challenge win (Ryan can vouch for me-since he dynoed it).


email me if you're still looking to buy a car and I can give you the specs, pics, and asking price.



I'm located in Sacramento, CA





email: [email protected]

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