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heater core


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Please tell me I did not need to retain the heater core for 944-Spec.


I probably should have asked before taking it out, but you know what happens when you start tearing things out,"I won't be needing this".

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Yeah, I've got 8 of them in line under the car to rob more heat from the engine. I can run in 200 degree heat!


Just kidding. Even the old rules say you can remove the heater core. Have you read the rules, Mike?


The worst thing you can do is bring a car to an event that is not within spec..........Because then I have to be the heavy. We'll try to help you get back in spec at the track, if that happens, because we want you to run. But read the rules and ask me lots of questions or post them to the forum.

We look forward to meeting you and seeing your car.

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