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Rocky Mountain Endurance Series & Series Director


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Denver Co - NASA Rocky Mountain is proud to announce that Phil O'Brien has been chosen as the series director to help bring additional endurance racing to the Rocky Mountain area. Phil, who lives in Black Forest CO and often competes in 944Spec was recently bitten by the endurance racing bug. After completing a LeMons event last year and then driving solo for the NASA 3 Hour event at High Plains, he felt a need for more events of this type and was willing to fill the position of endurance series director.


Three endurance events are planned for the RM region for the 2010 season across the schedule. Unlike the "old days" where sports car racers had an end of year enduro to wear out their cars, the more modern cars and drivers racing with NASA are finding that endurance races throughout the year are not an issue. July 3rd will kick off the series at PPIR with follow up events in August and then Pueblo Motorsports Park in October.


The length of the races are still being discussed, but will vary in length from 2 hours to 4 hours. Hopefully the length will increase in the future and the RM events can match the 6, 8, 12 or even 25 hour formats that are popular with other NASA chapters.


Phil will be concentrating on obtaining sponsorships for the series and promoting the series among the local racers.

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Thanks Dave for the heads up on your endurance schedule. Count me in for any race 3 hours or longer. I would not attempt to do a 25 as it is a race that must be prepared months in advance and is pretty costly if you don't know what you are doing. I would certainly support and bring additional competitors for a 12 hour providing it is not close to the 25 in December. October is to late in the year ( prepping for the 25).




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Ok. We've settled on these dates.


May 31st (Memorial Day)

High Plains Raceway

North Track (wicked fast)

3 Hour


Saturday July 3rd

Pikes Peak Raceway

Clock Wise (i.e. backwards)

2 Hour (6PM - 8PM)


Sunday October 10th

Pueblo Motorsports Park

Normal Config

4 Hour (Sunday afternoon)

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Run the 6 hour in Texas at the end of April and then drop the car & rig off in CO for Memorial day. I have plenty of places that are secure to store it for you.

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