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Lastest 2005 Rules Updated


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Ok Gang.... The latest 2005 Rules are here. Actually they were hear last week and I was late in publishing. Unfortunalty I am having some issues publishing from work (firewall probably) so I published to my rennlist account.


Here is a link




I will publish to the 944-spec site ASAP!

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Throttle Cams are now in.


I guess so.


12.7 Throttle Cam

The throttle cam may be modified or replaced.



Roll Cage welded to the A-B Pillar is now out.


No, it's now in.


6.2 Roll Cages

Roll Cages must mount to the chassis with no more than six primary points and cannot mount past the firewall. The front floor mounts must be either on the floor or the doorsill of the car. Cages may be welded to the A and B pillars for safety. Cages may bebolted or welded in place.


P.Dilly. Off to the Cage shop.

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... and it's RED!!!


That will definitely make you go faster then!!




That is why my entire car is red... Wonder why Tim got that red 944?

Cause everyone knows Red is faster!

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