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New Clutch Suggestions


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I'm replacing my clutch in the next couple of days. The rules say we can use any clutch but can't touch the flywheel. Is Centerforce the way to go?



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I think the spring center Sport Sachs clutch is the best. I installed a Centerforce in an 85 last year and the goofy weights hit the T.O. arm. We had to fab a clutch stop to fix it. I have five years of racing and street driving on mine. Greg F

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No reason to spend any more money that for stock "spring" centered unit.


These cars don't make enough power to damage a clutch.


After 1 year of racing I had virtually no wear on mine.

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Isn't the Sachs spring centered clutch the OEM replacement? It is quite a bit more expensive than the Centerforce clutch but I don't want to fabricate anything. I bought a Sachs clutch but was wondering if I should go cheaper.

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Pargon Products prices on clutch


Disc - 944.116.012.11 - Spring centered

$ 287.64


Pressure Plate - 944.116.023.01



Bearing - 931.116.082.04



Complete Clutch Kit from Paragon - 944.116.911.00





So is centerforce cheaper than this?


I also checked Pelican parts. Their stock replacment (same parts as above) was a cheap then their centerforce kits. Both were more than Paragon however.

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