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I am keeping my eyes open for a good deal on a spare.


I looked up some specs on the different years and it looks like the 87-88 has 158hp.


Is this due to the raised RPM, increased compression ratio or are they just better?


If I had an 83 and shaved the head to get the same compression and chipped it, would that achieve the same thing?


Thanks for any clarification

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Most 944-spec motors make 130 to 135 hp at the wheels.


Here are some dyno charts



the 88 motor in 944 and 924S came with higher compression pistons. 9.5:1 for 83-87 and 10.2:1 for 88.


Some folks have found 88 pistons and installed them. There is no definitive proof the 88 pistons in 944-spec cars make anymore hp. In anycase max compression is 10.5:1 and head shaving is allowed to get there. Shaving the head beyond what is needed to make it flat has not show clearly provide more power. It can however cause you need race gas vs 91 Pump gas and may be a contibutor to headgasket failures. There is not enough evidence for strong link, but the bottomline is that shaved heads are not the best way to find power. Keeping it stock and back up to factory spec is better in the long run.


If you want spare engine, best thing to find an entire spare parts car.

Sure 88 motors are nice, but not having one won't prevent you from being fast.

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Interesting, from the charts it looks like a chip is pretty much worthless. But ERIC S's car is very strong both HP and Torque. One needs to remember though, that 5hp at the wheels is a 4% gain. That is significant when you are looking at such low numbers

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I think it from the all new head. I had new valves, guides, seats springs and retainers plus replaced all the lifters and installed a late model cam. All of that work and I'm only a few HP above most cars and I still can't podium. (seat time). My car makes the same HP as TC's Red car and I think Jason's or another of the AZ cars made 138. But then again I did blow a head gasket (possible installation error) and then through a rod so you still need to finish the race to come in first!!

You can make a few more HP by making sure everything is working properly and getting the air/fuel mixture set right. Other than that seat time is the biggest bang for the buck. Dwain Dement beat TC in a car that dyno'd at 125 so HP is not that big a deal!!

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I have a complete 86 motor that I want to get rid of. The only thing it needs is a water pump (works but is starting to make noise). It is currently in the car so you can see/hear it run. Send me an email if your interested.

[email protected]

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