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12 point tool


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I think my father got ours from the snap on guy. I have heard these can be had some pep boys. 8mm triple square. Don't do it without the tool as it will just strip the bolts and cause you pain.

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Snap on offers the correct tool in a socket, 3/8's drive. It's also called a cheesehead.

You can go to Napa or Pep Boys and get the tool shaft only, but then you have to stick the base of that into a 8mm? socket to use it. .......which it keeps falling out of.

I've considered converting my CV bolts to normal allen heads so I don't need a special tool.

The 12 points do give more surface area than a regular allen head for applying a higher torque, though.

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Micheal, if you have trouble finding one, and just need it for a week or so, call me and I will put it in the mail...... It's just one socket..... Snap-om truck, about $25. Those bastards.......

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