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How to get credit for the driving school?


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I went to the HPED at pocono last week, had a great time, and heard that State Farm of NY takes it as a driving school, so I can get a discount on my insurance. What do I bring to State Farm to show them that I took the driving school? Also, does anyone have any previous experience with crashing their car at one of these and NOT getting dropped when they tried to get SF to pay for the damage?


On a completely other note, here is a promised picture of my corolla at an autocross to show that the tipping my Legacy did was not that big!


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I'm not sure about a certificate for completion- you'll need to talk to your regional director on that one.


Unfortunately I've seen one or two cars wreck, but I've never heard of an insurance company not paying out for the damage. YMMV.

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I believe I'm the guy who told you about SF.


I've been with SF in NY for over 13 years. When I wrecked my car @ VIR this past February during an HPDE, my insurance agent didn't even blink when I told her what happened -- I was fully covered.


I offered to show her HPDE registration information, my on-board video with my Instructor, general information about HPDE's from the NASA website, Instructor's certification, etc. She didn't want ANY of it. She just sent an adjuster to look over the car & it was handled like any other accident. (FWIW, my premiums only went up by $200 annually b/c I lost my accident free record -- which was over 10 years worth.)


About 2 years prior to this mishap, I told her about my 1st HPDE & inquired about getting a "safe driver's" discount for taking the driver's course. I asked her what she needed for me to get that discount. Other than just me telling her I had attended a school, she didn't need any paperwork at the time.


When you call your agent, just ask them what they require as far as paperwork, etc. Your local NASA chapter should be able to provide you with everything you need & if they can't, I'm sure NASA Nationals can.

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