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Fatality at CMP


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Tech inspection is only "a joke" if you make it one. Its not NASAs responsibility to make sure that your car is in working order it is YOURS. If you have had a proper mechanic inspect your car then tech will certainly not be a joke. There is NO way that any track side tech inspection will be able to catch all problems with 50-200 cars in a limited amount of time.




RIP to the instructor. Sounds like he was a great guy and will be missed.


I also would like to here more details and how CMP is addressing it.

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Tech inspection varies by region. If you are in Mass - your tech is probably very different than other regions for DE.


Just moved back to Mass from Richmond, VA so I am familiar with the Tech inspection for SE and MA Regions...

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First off, let me offer my sincere condolences to the family of the instructor and the unfortunate student driver.


Second, when I was in the Army, the airborne troops were responsible for packing their own parachute because there was no one to blame if it didn’t open correctly. I look at the HPDE inspection the same way. The inspection form is an acknowledgement that I had done my due diligences and I am verifying that to the best of my knowledge, my car and equipment is safe. The NASA inspecition process is not a joke to me.



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My condolences to the family and friends, also to the student. Such a horrible accident to be reading about. How many track's does NASA run at where you can impact a tree? I have only been on one track, TGPR, where you could hit a tree if you went off. I have to say that it was constantly on my mind, I was in my first year of DE. I'm sure there are many tracks where this condition exist and on events such as hill climbs. If they can't put up a guardrail then put in a gravel trap to at least scrub off some speed. Just so sad to be reading about this.


And yes, I know this sport is dangerous and I accept that like everyone.

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I had a whole new appreciation for the 5 miles of concrete walls at Road Atlanta this weekend.



Was that your yellow vette that was crumpled?


Anyways, thanks for the responses to my comment regarding the tech inspection & I definately meant no negative or ill felling towards NASA or its officials & I REALLY do appreciate all they do. I do inspect my car thoroughly before going to an event, even though it is brand new. For that matter, I inspect it on a regular basis anyways since I have access to a shop & am working on it regularly anyways. I also have one of the certified Hyundai techs in my service dept look it over along with me while I'm under & around it. I'm in the business of inspections & it take less than 10mins for my techs to do a 34 pt inspection that is fairly thorough. I just imagined that they would at least raise the hood & maybe drop a mirror on a stick to check the under carriage. I don't expect them to check every bolt to see that its torqued to specs, just a quick visual inspection. BTW its not my car that I'm worried about...LoL


Back on OP, I hope this incident doesn't limit the # of people willing to instruct in HPDE, because my instuctors thus far at the last 2 events (the only ones I've been to) have been invaluable & I couldn't of picked better teachers. Thanks Kurt & James.

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