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Any chance you have my radio batteries? (Tekk/Thunderhill)


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Hi. I was with the Factory Five team right next to the middle pit out. Before the race someone came over and asked if they could borrow our batteries for our Tekk NT-90 radios since ours were charged and we weren't using the Tekks for the weekend. Naturally we said yes.


Unfortunately it looks like there were probably too many people involved when everyone was breaking down the pits and paddocks and the batteries didn't get returned. I had thought the guy was from a nearby team, but it turns out I don't actually know what team he was from. If you have Tekk NT-90 radios, can I ask you to check to see if you have my batteries? Not a big deal but our season is getting ready to start out here.



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Since you haven't had any response here, try to contact Jerry K @ NASA NorCal. He might be able to get it out as a broadcast message or put it out on the Yahoo group, etc.


Good Luck.


Mike, PDQ Motorsports-the E2 Honda team who was next to you.

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