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Stickers and Car Numbers


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As I'm getting the car prepped closer and closer to being race ready, I need to finish up a couple of other miscellaneous items, one being the car number sticker that goes on the side of the car.


Where do I get one or have one ordered? I need to get numbers for TT, and was thinking I might as well get the big sticker and not have to deal with numbers for every event.


I've been trying to run #36 for most of the HPDE, but seems like someone already has that number? Do we have a list of numbers already taken somewhere?

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I have gotten names/numbers done both from VBD(when they area available trackside) and from FastSigns in different situations.


The GRM number plates you have to order from GRM website.


Sean, NASA registrar probably will be the best person to ask about picking numbers.

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