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manual steering rack


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does anyone have one in thier car? I currently have power steering and thinking about simply disabling like most people seem to do however, I was told that a manual rack would be better.


Any thoughts, help, opinions?

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I swapped one into mine and like it very much. I personally like the feel it gives me of the track, plus it just simplifies one more system of the car.


Looks like you got lucky with a very simple fix on your engine...very cool!!



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I had a manual rack on my car for a while. I never confirmed this but it felt like the ratio was not as tight as the power rack. I found that I had to move my hands more often in tighter corners. Steering effort between manual and power (without power) was not appreciably different. The power rack is a bit heavier (in weight) with some extra plumbing that is attached to the rack.

My manual rack gave up the ghost and seized during the recent POC TT at Streets. I had a very minor off (~10 mph) that might've contributed. All those manual racks come from the '83 models and have a lot of miles on them. Finding one in good condition that is still nice and tight may be a challenge. I've gone back to my power rack and packed it with grease.

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thanks everyone!


Chris, what kind of grease did you pack it with?


Seems like most guys keep the power rack, but just cap it off. It's slightly leaking on mine and I am trying to simplify as many things as possible with my car...my electronic gremlins are STILL haunting me.

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