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NASA awards ceremony

Tim Comeau

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It was a nice event last night. Bit of a drive for me, but well worth it. I picked up trophies for 2nd and 3rd place in the SoCal championship for Yousko and Wilberding, respectively.

Ryan had some really nice words to say about me and the building of our great class when I was receiving my trophies. I also got a special thanks on top of that for my work with the class. Felt pretty good.

Let's keep building it and it will get more and more fun.

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Thanks again Tim! YOU are a big reason why this class is taking off....only negative I am seeing is that it's harder and harder to find low prices on parts, cars, etc. because so many people are getting into it!


Lot of e-bayers hunting for 944 parts/cars out there!!!


Did you get any racers from other groups showing sincere interest in coming aboard?

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Yes. Many drivers in other 944 groups want to see bigger starting fields, too. Greg Fordahl's squadron of 8-10 944's up in Washington wants to get together with us at Thunderhill this year.

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Well, if I deserve it, then I deserve it! Then who got third last year? Probably on Joe's results right?


What is the tropy? A statue of a naked lady holding a waving flag? Nice!



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