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Newbie here with a few questions.

Steve T.

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I have an '85 Mustang that I built to SCCA American Sedan specs. I have been running SCCA Solo 1's for over 10 years now and I was wondering how my car, as it is now would fit into a TT catagory. I have no passenger seat and my cage will not allow for the installation of one. Does an instructer have to ride along with you before you get signed off for TT. Or does the experience I have let me move along from the ride along part of the program ? My intent is to go Roadracing so I am looking for the seat time along with putting my offical lap times up against other competitiors.



Thanks for your time,


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As a minimum, it would fit class J for big bore cars. It may be able to be placed in another class once your times and skill are apparent.


You would need to discuss the seat issue with your region director. Each region tends to have signoffs through different procedures. I assume you're running NASA East, not OH/IN, or I could offer more guidance.

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